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Submitted on
October 24, 2009
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One day I saw a ghost
A-sitting on a post,
And he was eating toast,
Not any kind of roast,
So I was feeling grossed
By this ghost with the most.

He really was the most
Face-stuffing, greedy ghost
That got completely grossed
Out while perching on a post
(A skewer for a roast)
By eating red hot toast.

Crumbs fell down from this toast,
And down on me the most,
Till I began to roast,
Shake my fist at the ghost,
All safe up on his post,
Not caring I was grossed.

While I was getting grossed
By bits of burning toast,
I kicked hard at the post,
At the weakest point most,
To dislodge this mean ghost
And hoping not to roast.

Yes, I was scared to roast,
So scared as well as grossed;
Not that coal munching ghost
With carbonated toast,
Which fell on me the most
From top of that damn post.

I grabbed and shook that post;
My anger made me roast:
My face burned red the most
On top of being grossed
By vile, Hadean toast
Ground up by crunching ghost.

I was the most grossed roast
That ever turned to toast
By means of a post-ghost.
O.K. My entry for the hallowe'en sestina contest and inspired by that old rhyme about seeing a ghost up a post eating toast.
My words are:
A. Ghost.
B. Post.
C. Toast.
D. Roast.
E. Grossed.
F. Most.
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That was such a fun, amusing read! You've managed to rhyme and use repeated words, in a very original manner. I like!
Thank you!
I enjoyed doing that one a lot.
I can imagine this being an illustrated story! :D I love it!
Thank you for the favourite.
Sorry I haven't been able to read and comment on any of your submissions yet. I am having a busy week and just snatching moments to reply to comments.
almcdermid Nov 2, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
This is great. I've never seen a sestina done this way.
Thank you. I like to be different, but it is probably more from ignorance than skill! :D
almcdermid Nov 3, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
To write them at all is laudable. I had to write one for a class (I haven't posted it) and have never gone back to the form. :lol:
It is an extreme form of self-torture.
almcdermid Nov 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed. Vilanelle, sestinas, gives my a headache just contemplating them. Have to tried a pantoum? It's quite fun.
Yes, I did. I think it is still in my gallery somewhere.
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